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Best trustworthy service - I have been going there for over three years now and the service, price and turnaround time was always great. My new VW Passat and my old Porsche 911SC are in best hands over there. I can highly recommend Bruno and his team. 

Bruno is the owner/mechanic, who still has the heavy Deutsch accent after being here 50 years. The highest level of integrity and great work. Super clean shop, that was once written up as one of the best foreign car repair shops in LA Magazine.
(BA, Ca)

Bruno has been my mechanic for somewhere south of 25 years. I came to him at the recommendation of another highly regarded mechanic who just couldn't pinpoint a problem with my Porsche 924. Bruno and his team solved the problem and I never went to another mechanic. He kept the Porsche running until it was well over 25 years old and one of the last 924's in Los Angeles. I now have a New Beetle and the German Car Service Team is just as caring and diligent with that as they were with the 924 - and as they are with every car in their expert care.

(West LA Google User)

After another local vw mechanic completely messed up my engine rebuild i brought it to david and he sorted me out. its really never sounded better. I'm very happy to have found them--only wish i had found them sooner!!
(Unnamed Google User)

This is the place. Bruno and his team the people. I have personally experienced 20 years of good service.
(Elizabeth L)

Outstanding. Can't say enough good about this place. Very honest. Taken a '78 911, '80 928, '92 325i, and '96 328i here and they knew every car in and out, restored them and/or kept them in top running condition.
(Google User)

I have been taking my 1998 Audi A4 to Bruno and his team for about 5 years now, and I wouldnt take it anywhere else. These guys know these cars really well, and take an interest in the health of your car, and always do a fantastic job. And their prices are always reasonable. I never feel like I am getting ripped off, specially knowing that you can always get very good, honest advice from them. Once in a while I have taken my car somewhere else (more convenient location), but I have always regretted it. If you want to take your car somewhere where you know it will be looked at carefully, know you will be given honest advice, and want problems taken care of properly, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I know a lot of people who have been taking their German cars here for many many years...
(Google User)